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Welcome To Compact Sro
Trader Trader Thief Thief Hunter Hunter TraderHunterThief All
RankChar nameJob typeExpContribution
1BazookaTrader Trader-1311796140761192682
2_1Revenger_Trader Trader-1938219556746154264
3AdmiRaLTrader Trader2005329949665384988
4GraViTYTrader Trader1979688909657692676
5XPTrader Trader1661732813433077084
6foxnarTrader Trader1536099359420000172
7ShikoTrader Trader1148958046335384780
8Al_MajNoonTrader Trader822893302240000072
95beNeeeeeeeeTrader Trader774560029236923148
10DramozTrader Trader741220400215384680
11minaTrader Trader-1092117483192307800
12AnnabellTrader Trader628935322191634709
13OverkiillTrader Trader236098189107692340
14[GM]CompactTrader Trader85560
151RevengerTrader Trader77410
16I_CASPAR_ITrader Trader00
17__VoTiCA_Trader Trader00
18JiShockTrader Trader00
19[GA]ProMaXTrader Trader00
20LegendaryTrader Trader00
21Mina_TradeTrader Trader00
22ShowTrader Trader00
23_Mr_Wizz_Trader Trader00
24UnKillAbleTrader Trader00
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: WarCrew Tax: 20%
Hotan: dummy Tax: 20%
Bandit: dummy Tax: 20%
Server info:

Server info :

Players online: 16/1000
Max online: 28
Cap : 130
Degree : 14
EXP/SP : 150x
PT Exp : 200x
Gold/Drop : 15x
Start Items : DG14 Seal Of Nova
Start Gold/SP : Yes
Vote System : Compact Silk
Tradegoods : Enabled
FGW : Enabled (Seal Of Compact-SRO)
Alchemy Rate : 4x
Max Weap Opt : +27 (with Adv.)
Max Set Opt : +22 (with Adv.)
Max Acc's Opt : +25 (with Adv.)

Status :

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 273
Characters: 290
Guilds: 16
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