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Pvperz Online|Rebuilded|Cap 110|Free Silk|Egy B-Heaven|New systems|Auto Events|New scrolls

Website: http://www.Pvperz.Online
Download Link: http://www.Pvperz.Online/?pg=Download

Exp: 800x
Exp PT: 850x
GoldRate: 15x
ItemRate: 50x

- Cap 110 : Start with lvl 110 with...

- skills Cap 110

- New areas with new uniques: drop new Scrolls

- New systems:

>>Jop System: Give Scrolls Silk
>>Battle Arena: Give Pvperz VIP

- New Uniques
- New avatars : Updated 2016

- New Grap pets

- Arena Coins system - High drop rate

- New Attack pets

- Normal Avatars at NPC by Free Silks * 3 FULL Pages

- New Premium 20%
- New Scrolls
- Free Silks ( 100 ) Auto Fill
- Green ZERK

- New weapon style ( Special for Pvperz Sro )

- EYG A >>> by 1 Gold at NPC
- EGY B >>> by Coin at NPC
- Heaven >>> by Coin at NPC
- Fortress War( Jangan/Bandit )

- Weapon/Set/Avtars By arena coins ( Get It From Battle Arena )
- New Item By Silk
- Weapon/Set/Acc+15 With adv. ( +16 Bend )

- Weekly unique ranking
- All new Avatars from NPC
- New Title Names Scrolls In Npc
- Anything u need u`ll find it at NPCs
- Max + >> +15 adv
- CTF : working 100%
- Battle Arena: working 100%
- Job worked 100% ( job Silk Scrolls 1/10 Gift] )
- FGW books rate >> Off
- Sox Item at NPC by Coin.

Many ways to get donate silks

- A quest per day gives 1/10 Silk
- 4easy Rocs for INT and STR Coin
- 4uniques In B3
- Daily auto events round

Fortress War Gift:-

[*]20% Dmg scroll
[*]20% Defence scroll
[*]Zerk scroll
[*]140% Speed
[*]Title Name

Auto events system:-

* Any thing u gonna need u'll find it in the game.

* Any bug: let me know

Account + Item Sharing

Account Trading & Sharing | Forbidden
Reason: You will get scammed at some point and we do not support pay2win.

Selling/Trading Items for $(etc.) | Allowed
Hint: You must pm me and i can be the middle man.

Job Cheating

Job Cheating | Forbidden
Job Cheating is also known as "Contribution Cheating" and is usually been done by thieves.
It also includes spawning a pet in town as thief as well as other exploits.
Using these bugs/exploits might either get you permanently banned or all your farmed coins & SOM/SUN items might be deleted.

Advertising other Servers

Advertising other Servers | Forbidden | Perma ban


As we are an international team we will not tolerate racism at all, so be aware of what you say, people might take it serious and report you.


Use of any kind of exploit to abuse the system will get you permanenetely banned [Automatic]